Attend to Achieve

Attendance is a critical foundation for school success. Students need to attend school to achieve in school. In fact:

  • High school students who attend school 95% of the time are one-and-a-half times more likely to be on-track to graduate on time.
  • When students attend school they are much more likely to achieve their dreams and enroll in college.
  • The more involved students are in school, the more likely they are to enjoy school and want to attend school.

We can’t teach students when they are not in school. We are calling on all parents, students and community members to help ensure that students attend school – every student, every day. Setting good attendance patterns at a young age can positively affect later behavior. 

We want all students to attend school at least 95% of the time – that means missing no more than nine days a year. Right now less than 60% of students meet this goal. Let’s work together to ensure that all Minneapolis Public Schools students are attending school all the time!

Tips for families

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